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One of the advantages of Barcelona airport is that it is really close by the center of city, at just 14 km. It is specifically located at El Prat del Llobregat, the town that gives the name ‘Aeroport del Prat’ to the airport, the second largest of the country after Madrid ‘Aeropuerto de Barajas’. The passenger traffic of 2010 was about 30 million and the position of Barcelona El Prat Airport (IATA: BCN) of the busiest in the world is 32.
Depending on the airline that you are flying with, departing or landing, you are able to use one of the two terminals that the airport has. The biggest and the newest one is T1, finished at 2009. It has 101 gates in its 545.000 m2 divided in the areas A, B, C, D and E.
Terminal 2 (T2), the second most important, has 149.359 m2 with 48 gates and just 30 with finger-docks. It’s subdivided in T2A, T2B and T2C.


Transport from/to the airport

About the transport from the airport, the passengers are able to use a rented Car, Taxi, Bus or Train services.
There are several different transfer buses going to and from Barcelona Airport. The Aerobus is the Barcelona Airport express shuttle bus that takes people to and from the airport and the city centre. The other buses that are available for transfer between the airport and centre are the TMB Airport Bus Number 46 and the Night Bus N17 (operated by MOHN). These other buses are cheaper; however they are slightly slower, less frequent and provide less space for luggage.
The Aerobus stops at various locations in Barcelona. The main bus stops in Barcelona City Centre are at Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya which are also Barcelona's main transport hubs. At Barcelona Airport there are stops in each of the three terminals.


Where and how to buy your tickets for the Aerobus

You purchase your tickets for each Aerobus on the bus itself or, if you are travelling from T2, you can also buy them from the automatic ticket vending machines at each stop outside the airport terminals (there are no ticket machines outside T1). We have been informed that the automatic vending machines for purchasing Aerobus tickets at T2 do not always function so be ready with cash to pay the driver.


Journey Time for the Barcelona Airport Express Bus From the City Centre to Barcelona Airport
Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Plaça Catalunya: From Plaça Catalunya to Barcelona Airport the journey time is approximately 40 minutes.
Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Plaça Espana: From Plaça Espana to Barcelona Airport the journey time is approximately 25 minutes.
Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Barcelona Airport: The journey time from Barcelona Airport to Plaça Espana is approximately 25 minutes. The journey time from Barcelona Airport to Plaça Catalunya is approximately 45 minutes.


With all travel times it is important to take into consideration that traffic may affect the length of the journey. So if you have a flight to catch build in some time for delays and maybe catch an earlier bus to be on the safe side.




All delegates and accompanying persons are offered a public transport pass. To receive your pass please exchange your “transportation voucher” for the pass at the Bag & Transportation pass delivery desk within the Registration area.


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