Preliminary Programme

Plenary lecturesBarcelona


– Barcelona Special Lecture
– Sir David Cuthbertson Lecture
– Arvid Wretlind Lecture


Scientific Sessions Basic Science and Clinical Nutrition

– Fetal programming and nutrition
– “Metabolomics” meets metabolism
– Quantitative and qualitative metabolic goals in ICU
– The gut and chronic diseases
– Drug-nutrients interactions in cancer
– Sarcopenia-cachexia: the goal is the function!
– Regenerative medicine: stem cells to organ transplantation
– Myosteatosis and metabolic consequences
– Respiratory failure and sleep apnea
– Disability-related nutritional goals
– Symbiotic life with microbes: questioning the stool
– Clinical and biological impact of micronutrients
– Proteolytic systems: repairing or destroying?
– Dysglycemia and clinical outcomes
– ESPEN Research Awards
– Clinical Nutrition symposium
– Hot topics

Educational & Clinical Practice Sessions

– Quality and safety in nutrition care
– Nutritional screening and implementation
– Bariatric surgery
– Intestinal fistulae treatment
– Nutrition in psychiatric disorders
– Achieving goals by guidelines

Educational LLL Sessions

– Nutritional support in GI diseases
– Approach to parenteral nutrition
– Nutrition in metabolic syndrome
– Nutritional support in neurological diseases