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The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

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Topics of the Programme


• Plenary: Cuthbertson lecture and Wretlind Lecture

• 2 ESPEN Fellowships symposia, 1 Clinical Nutrition symposium

• Best abstracts session

• 8 Oral Communications sessions

• 1 Debate: Saturated fat – harmful or harmless?

18 Scientific Symposia

• Nutrition, bile acids and metabolic health

• Interactions between nutrition and physical activity

• Metabolic pathways and muscle maintenance

• Regulation of food intake and clinical applications

• Metabolic phenotyping and precision medicine

• Nutrition and longevity

• Nutrition and the gut microbiome

• Microbiome beyond the gut

• Malnutrition and functional decline

• Nutrition, metabolism and circadian rhythm

• Taste through the life course

• Rehabilitation of the intestine in acute illness

• The link between environment and metabolism

• Nutrient manipulation as a therapy for cancer patients?

• Health consequences of fat storage

• Paediatrics

• Nutrition, metabolism and COPD



• LLL Courses: Friday September 8th: 15 LLL courses and 1 TLLL course During the congress: Liver and pancreas / Diabetes and dyslipidemia /Respiratory diseases / Assessment and body composition /Let’s talk about nutrition

• 2 Case discussions: bone marrow transplant / œsophagectomy

• ESPEN Guidelines

9 Educational Symposia:

• Using the gut in acute care patients (A)

• Meeting nutritional needs of acute care patients (A)

• Case discussion: œsophagectomy (A)

• Specific needs of patients with chronic disease (C)

• Hospital discharge: and now? (C )

• Novel approaches to optimize dietary intake in older adults (G)

• Altering lifestyle to improve nutritional status in older adults (G)

• Specific nutritional care in children (P)

• Paediatric specificities of nutritional assessment (P)

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