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The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

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• The international airports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam The Hague are just short distances away from The Hague. A total of around 150 European airports and more than 100 intercontinental airports operate direct connections to Amsterdam, with more than 3,500 flights a week.

• Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has direct trains to the Hague Central Station (30 min, € 8,30)

• Rotterdam/The Hague Airport has a bus to Rotterdam Central Station and from there a train direct to the Hague central station (1 hr, € 6,50)

• The conference center is easy to reach by tram 1 and 16 from the Central station (20 min, € 1,60).

• Getting about by foot is easy. The entire city, from the centre all the way to the beach, can be traversed in under an hour. 

• Taxis: Special night rates do not apply in The Hague. It is often possible to hail a taxi in the street, but you can also find special taxi stands at the train stations and various points throughout the city.


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