Next ESPEN Treasurer

The ESPEN Executive Committee is pleased to announce the next ESPEN Treasurer:
Prof. Stéphane M. Schneider.


This is the result of the ESPEN Treasurer election 2020. On Tuesday, July 7th 2020, two members of the Executive Committee (connected via videoconference) and a Notary counted the votes at the MCI office in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The counting revealed that the majority of participating ESPEN members (190 from 370 votes) voted for Prof. Stéphane Schneider to become the next ESPEN Treasurer. 

According to the constitution the result of this election will be presented at the next ESPEN Congress in September 2020 for final approval by the General Assembly. 

We wish Professor Schneider a fruitful and successful term of office and we would like to thank both candidates, Prof. Dileep Lobo and Prof. Stéphane Schneider for their candidacy and by this for their enthusiasm and willingness to serve for ESPEN.