Call for Papers - COVID and Nutrition


Dear Colleagues,

at ESPEN and WHO/Europe we are very grateful for your high interest in this call, and for the many submissions received. We are confident this will significantly enhance evidence-based knowledge in the crucial field of nutrition for COVID-19 patients. As unfortunately the pandemic is still strongly affecting many parts of the world, we have decided to EXTEND THE DEADLINE for paper submission until May 1st 2021. We therefore further encourage you to collect your data on all aspects of nutrition in COVID-19 patients, as previously described, and to consider submitting them to Clinical Nutrition.

COVID-19 has posed huge healthcare, social and economic challenges worldwide during the past few months. Clinical outcome is poorer in several patient groups at risk for malnutrition. Persons with obesity are also at higher clinical risk. Nutritional care is therefore of utmost relevance in all COVID-19 patients and may play an important role also in disease prevention. Despite the relevance of nutritional research in COVID-19, available evidence is extremely limited. From over 75.000 publications on COVID-19 available in PubMed, only 1200 are retrieved when adding nutrition in the search, and just 169 when malnutrition is used as key-word.

Strengthening the evidence on the potential key role of nutritional status and nutritional care in COVID-19 is therefore an unmet clinical need and an urgent priority. ESPEN and World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) have discussed this topic and agreed to open a call for papers on nutritional status and nutritional care in COVID-19 patients, to be hosted in the ESPEN Journals Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. The call will be guest-edited by ESPEN and WHO/Europe officers.

Submissions are encouraged on various aspects of nutrition and COVID-19 in all clinical settings (home-care, hospital wards, Intensive Care Unit - ICU) with special priority for (but not limited to):

- Malnutrition risk and diagnosis in COVID-19 patient cohorts and their impact on clinical outcome. 
- Special patient groups: older adults; chronic diseases including renal disease, heart disease, liver disease, cancer, diabetes and others; ICU.
- Medical nutrition treatment in COVID-19 patients and its impact on clinical outcomes in all clinical settings.
- Micronutrients status in COVID-19 patients and their impact on risk of infection and COVID-19 clinical outcome.
- Obesity and malnutrition in COVID-19 and their impact on outcome.
- Organization of nutritional assessment and nutritional care in all clinical settings to face the COVID-19 pandemic.
- Impact on nutrition-related policies during the COVID-10 pandemic including social and economic determinants.

All papers must be submitted to Clinical Nutrition with the article type: COVID-19 and if eligible for publication will be offered publication on either Clinical Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition ESPEN based on priority.

We hope and trust that this initiative will contribute to collect much-needed evidence on this very important but unfortunately largely neglected topic, with the ultimate goal to provide strong evidence for implementation of optimal nutritional care for COVID-19 patients and to continue nutrition promotion during the pandemic to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2. 

Rocco Barazzoni
ESPEN Chairman
Cristina Cuerda
ESPEN Secretary
Stephane Schneider
ESPEN Treasurer
Mick Deutz
CN Editor