As previously announced, ESPEN is pleased to confirm in these difficult pandemic times that the 2021 ESPEN Fellowship programme will continue to fund innovative research from early-career awardees, to enhance knowledge in the field of clinical nutrition and metabolism.
We are particularly pleased to be able to continue this important action under the current difficult circumstances; we trust that new knowledge will continue to strengthen the role of clinical nutrition in all fields of patient care.

Deadline for applications for 2021 ESPEN Fellowships is April 15 at 17:00 hours CET. Find below the rules and here an Application form to download in PDF or in Word format (please only fill in the blanks, no other changes on the form allowed).


Research projects valued at €10,000-40,000 will be considered for funding. Part funding for studies that have already been funded by other bodies may be considered (proof of funding award must be provided).

The applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Absolute

a. Current ESPEN Membership of the main applicant AND the project supervisor. The membership dues for 2021 should have been paid.
b. Ethical approval/Animal licence.
c. The work must be undertaken in a recognised institution (University or University-affiliated Hospital/Laboratory)
d. No more than one application per research group.
e. No more than two projects will be supported within one country and one per institution. Persons outside Europe may apply provide they fulfil criterion 1a.
f. Applications must be within budget (i.e. not more than € 40,000).
g. Full economic costing must be provided and signed for by a grant manager of the institution/representative of the finance department (The supervisor should not sign this part of the application).
h. No salary costs other than for the main applicant will be considered.
i. As ESPEN will support presentation of the completed research at a future ESPEN Congress, please do not apply for conference costs.
j. The main applicant must be a researcher (clinical or basic science) in training below the age of 35 years on 31st August 2021.
k. The application must be on the prescribed form and within the word limit. The application must be submitted as a single document.
l. No additional documentation apart from proof of ethical approval/animal licence should be submitted.
m. Completed applications must be submitted by email by 17:00 hours CET) on 15 April 2021 to Professor Nathalie DELZENNE, Chair, Scientific Committee, ESPEN at with the subject heading: ESPEN Fellowship 2021 Application. All necessary signatures must be on the application.
n. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.
o. The Fellowship award will not be transferred to individuals, but only to an institutional account. 75% of the Fellowship will be awarded at the start of the project and the remaining 25% on receipt of a satisfactory progress report 18 months later.

2. Relative

a. Quality of the science/project design
b. Feasibility of the project (time lines should be provided)
c. Quality of applicant (bearing in mind this is a fellowship for researchers at an early stage of their careers)
d. Track record of institution and supervisor
e. Authenticity of budget. Approval must be obtained from the finance department of the institution prior to submission.
f. Value for money

3. Signatures must be obtained from an appropriate institution representative (grant manager/finance department) AND from the project supervisor assuring the following:

a. Justification of the costs – full economic costing is essential
b. Completion of the project
c. Presentation at ESPEN Congress within 3 years of award