ESPEN Webinar

Nutrition in patients with kidney disease
Presentation of ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition in hospitalized patients with acute or chronic kidney disease
March 29, 2021 | 3.00-4.20 pm CEST (GMT +2)


3.00 pm
- Cristina Cuerda (Spain), Pierre Singer (Israel)

3.05 pm
ESPEN guidelines on clinical nutrition in hospitalized patients with kidney disease: general overview
 - Enrico Fiaccadori (Italy)

3.25 pm
Malnutrition diagnosis in patients with CKD: Can we use the GLIM criteria?
 - Rocco Barazzoni (Italy)

3.35 pm
Protein requirements in CKD: What are the goals?
 - Juan Jesus Carrero (Sweden)

3.45 pm
Nutritional treatment in patients with CKRT:
What should we know? - Elisabeth de Waele (Belgium)

3.55 pm
The role of the dietitian in patients with CKD
 - Alice Sabatino (Italy)

4.05 pm

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