Malnutrition Awareness Week 2022

ESPEN MAW is a week dedicated to raise awareness about disease related malnutrition

ESPEN Action plan in English / en Español

ESPEN promotes best science and research as a foundation for education and clinical guidance, with the ultimate goal to implement optimal nutritional care of every single patient with disease-related malnutrition.

Research evidence allows for compelling education and guidance to promote effective nutritional care, and we believe clinical nutrition messages are now stronger than ever.

Simple tools are available to identify nutritional risk and needs, and effective nutritional care prevents complications, improves outcomes and enhances quality of life. Still, awareness on the devastating clinical impact of disease-related malnutrition remains inadequate, and access to optimal nutritional care is unacceptably limited.

After the recent launch in Vienna of a global declaration to promote nutritional care as a human right, inherently connected to the inalienable rights to food and health, ESPEN launches a new initiative based on science, education and best practice to promote awareness on this neglected clinical need – and its potential solutions.

Stay tuned for the ESPEN Malnutrition Awareness week 2022 with symposia, webinars, education and clinical guidance, and the launch of the new ESPEN Action Plan for optimal nutritional care.

From research to bedside, clinical nutrition matters more than ever!


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