ESPEN Workshop „Nutrition in IBD patients“

ESPEN workshop Nutrition in IBD patients held at UHC Zagreb, Croatia From June 12 to 13, 2023, an interdisciplinary international workshop dedicated to the clinical nutrition of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases was held at the University Hospital Center in Zagreb. This two-day international course is led by the clinical nutrition team of UHC Zagreb headed by Prof. Željko Krznarić under the auspices of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN), with the local organization of the Croatian Society of Clinical Nutrition Croatian Medical Association. This is the fifth workshop that has been held continuously since 2019. This year's ESPEN workshop Nutrition in IBD patients gathered 18 participants from 8 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, France, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia. Since the care of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases requires an interdisciplinary approach, both participants and lecturers are from different professions - doctors of different specializations, nutritionists, pharmacists and nurses. The pandemic years have contributed to the digitization of teaching content and the dissemination of this course around the world. However, this year's workshop was also held live and reminded us again of the irreplaceable value of direct contact with patients and colleagues.
The workshop is designed as a combination of lectures, demonstration exercises, coordinated discussions with a final knowledge check and evaluation. Introductory lectures by Prof. Željko Krznarić and Prof. Uri Kopylov, a prominent expert in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases from Israel, covered the basic facts about the epidemiology, therapy and clinical nutrition of inflammatory bowel diseases along with the presentation of the latest scientific knowledge and personal experiences in this field. Then followed the lecture by Prof. Darija Vranešić Bender on the basic principles of nutrition in inflammatory bowel diseases. The introductory part was followed by a practical presentation of nutritional status assessment modalities in the the polyclinic led by Dina Ljubas Kelečić, M Pharm, PhD, and Irena Karas, M Nutr, and work on indirect calorimetry equipment and bioimpedance scales for measuring resting energy requirements and determining body composition and anthropometric methods was presented. Diagnostics of malnutrition, sarcopenia, sarcopenic obesity as well as other forms of nutritional imbalances that we encounter in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases are presented using examples from clinical practice. This was followed by lectures on the basics of enteral and parenteral nutrition, which represent frequent modalities of therapy and nutrition for many patients. The lecture by Dr. Ana Marija Liberati Pršo, endocrinologist from Clinical Hospital Sveti Duh in Zagreb, was devoted to inflammatory bowel diseases in the spectrum of metabolic syndrome, since today up to 40% of these patients present with obesity and numerous cardiometabolic risks.
The second day of the workshop began in the day hospital of the Department of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition, Clinic for Internal Diseases of KBC Zagreb under the leadership of prof. Marko Brinar, where the participants of the workshop had the opportunity to talk with patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases who require various modalities of artificial feeding. Then Dina Ljubas Kelečić, M Pharm, Ph D presented an approach to nutritional support based on the example of clinical cases of patients with intestinal failure who require parenteral nutrition. The surgeon's view on treatment and nutritional support was presented by abdominal surgeon Tihomir Kekez, MD, PhD.
Ana Barišić, MD, PhD presented a topic of how to conduct a clinical study in the field of nutrition with IBD patients. Irena Karas, M Nutr, spoke about the micronutrient replacement therapy, and Prof. Darija Vranesic Bender presented the practical aspects of diet therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases. The last lecture was dedicated to the psychological support of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, given by psychiatrist Prof. Dr.Sc. Milena Skočić Hanžek. At the end of the course, the participants showed an enviable level of new acquired knowledge and evaluated the course as excellent, and they returned to their home countries with ESPEN's certificate of passing the workshop and an incentive to apply the acquired knowledge and experience in their daily work.

The ESPEN Workshop „Nutrition in IBD patients“ was held at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb in Croatia from June 12-13, 2023.

The course was held in Zagreb, Croatia, at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. ESPEN covered most of the costs (meals & education & social program & materials & certificate).

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