The ESPEN Nurses Group

At the ESPEN congress in Amsterdam 1997 nurses had a first meeting, and in Stockholm 1999 the ESPEN Nurses Group was formed. At each ESPEN congress the Nurses Group has a meeting.

Aims of the group

The aims for the ESPEN Nurses Group are to:
• Stimulate exchange of experiences, information and networking among nurses in Europe
• Support the activities in the ESPEN Educational and Clinical Practice Committee
• Participate in working groups, special interest groups and educational activities in ESPEN
• Participate in the development of position/consensus papers and guidelines in clinical nutrition
• Stimulate nurses to undertake development and research projects

The ESPEN Nurses Group has one representative in the Educational and Clinical Practice Committee of ESPEN.


Nutrition Nurse Specialist,
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Looking forward to hear from you and your suggestions.