Pharmaceutical participation in the Espen Group - Advice for Speakers 


Accepted in Rome, 11 September 1995
Amended February 1996
This constitution is in any case and entirely subordinated to the constitution of ESPEN.


  • Section 1: Title

The Title of the group shall be The ESPEN Pharmaceutical Group.

  • Section 2: Definition

The ESPEN Pharmaceutical Group is an special interest group that operates within ESPEN as the parent Society.

  • Section 3: Aim

The aim of The ESPEN Pharmaceutical Group is to promote pharmaceutical expertise and practice in Clinical Nutrition for the provision of safe and effective nutritional support to patients.

  • Section 4: Language

The official language of the Group will be English.



  • Section 5: Membership

Membership shall be open to any ESPEN active member with a pharmaceutical interest in nutritional support. Candidates should apply for membership in a written manner to the Chairman or Secretary of The Group. Only members who are registered with the Group shall be eligible to vote in elections and on resolutions concerning the business of the Group.

Membership will be terminated by cessation of ESPEN membership or by resignation which must be notified in writing to the secretary.



  • Section 6: Composition

The Group will solely be composed of active members.

  • Section 7: Committee

A Committee shall be formed to administer the business of the Group and shall consist of the following officers: a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and other members as considered appropriate.

Committee members should be nominated and seconded by members of the group. The Committee win be elected every four years. Vacancies arising before this period shall be filled by the Committee by co-option, the co-opted members serving the remainder of the term of office of the Committee member replaced.

  • Section 8: Meetings

A minimum of one meeting shall be held each year, preferably during the ESPEN Congress. Active members of the Group may not be represented by another member or by a third person.



  • Section 9: Financial Support

The Committee shall have the power to seek for financial support to defray the expenses of the Group or to finance any of its activities.

  • Section 10: Accountability

The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept showing all sums of money received and expended by the Group and the matters in respect of which these take place.

The Group shall be accountable to its membership. An annual report will he presented to the membership at the annual meeting.



Pharmaceutical participation in the ESPEN Group

The Annual Congress of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition includes a programme contributed for and by Pharmacists and those with a pharmaceutical interest in nutrition.

The programme activities are designed to meet the needs of pharmacists and those with a pharmaceutical interest, attending the ESPEN Congress and include the following:

1. Educational Session for Pharmacists

Aims: To provide basic education in pharmaceutical aspects of nutritional support.

Objectives: Learning objectives are set for each presentation, and key points from the presentation, together with linked references, are published in the Educational Summaries Book (in English).

Time allocated: 2 hours

No.of Speakers: 3 to 4 (Mainly local, if possible)

Language: English, local language permitted, providing simultaneous translation into English is arranged.


2. Pharmaceutical Circle: From Industry to Patient

Aims: To provide a forum that enables the views of industry, hospital and community on common topics be expressed and discussed. A pharmaceutical bias is acknowledged.

Objectives: To stimulate and encourage the development of commercial products and systems that meet the needs of hospital / community and patients / carers.

Time allocated: 2 hours

No.of Speakers: 3 to 6 (in collaboration with Nutrition companies)

Language: English (mandatory) simultaneous translation into local language allowed.


3. Pharmaceutical Workshop

Aims: To provide a forum for the presentation of current developments in nutritional research and support that pharmacists (in particular) will find useful and practical.

Objectives: To bring new techniques, developments, products to the attention of pharmacists involved in research or the provision of nutritional support.

Time allocated: 2 hours

No.of Speakers: 3 to 4

Language: English (mandatory) simultaneous translation into local language allowed.


4. ESPEN Pharmaceutical Group Annual Meeting:

Aims: To provide a forum for the discussion of current topics in nutrition, and to propose or plan projects of benefit to the development of pharmaceutical aspects of Nutritional Support in Europe.

Objectives: To encourage active participation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in the affairs of ESPEN, and to seek the opinion of pharmacists on topics of importance to ESPEN Council.

Time allocated: 1-2 hours (avoiding lunchtime)

Language: English

Meeting Room: Sufficient space for 40-50 delegates; Overhead projector, slide projector and microphone required.


5. General Educational Programme

Where-ever possible the involvement of pharmacists in other ESPEN Educational programmes is encouraged.

The multi-disciplinary nature of nutritional support is promoted.


Advice for Speakers

It is an honour to he invited to participate in an ESPEN Congress, as a lecturer or chairman. However, it is very important that you confirm your participation to the Local Organising Committee of the Congress as soon as possible.



  • You must prepare a completely new lecture specifically for the ESPEN Congress. The use of different pieces from previous presentations (old material) is unfair and strongly discouraged.

  • The content of your lecture should adhere strictly to the title or brief given for your presentation.

  • Strictly adhere to the time allocated to your presentation. The time allocated to each presentation is calculated as follows:

TP(minutes/speaker) = (TT (minutes) — TT/6 (minutes)) / NP

TP = time per presentation
TF = total = duration of the session, usually 120 minutes
NP = number of presentations
TT/6 = represents the time allocated to discussion

  • The use of slides (instead of overhead transparencies) is strongly recommended. Overhead transparencies are not normally suitable for presentations at an ESPEN meeting.

  • Slides should be glass mounted to withstand the heat of a powerful projector and prevent distortion.

  • Data presented on slides or transparencies should be in English, even if your presentation is to be in the local 1anguage.

  • It is recommended that there are no more than 7 lines of text, in large clear print, per slide.

  • Minimise the information on each slide to improve clarity and use only one slide per minute of presentation time.

  • Two months before the Congress (August 1st at the latest) you must provide the following information to the Chairman of your session:

1. Biographical information on yourself:

eg. Name, title, position(s) held, city, areas of interest.

2. An outline of your presentation

(abstract or summary of your paper, or paper copies of your slides)

(This information should be in English and clearly typed).

If the chairmans’ address is not known, ask either the Congress Scientific Secretariat or the ESPEN Pharmacists Representative for this information.



In addition to the above, you will be asked to provide a text, written in English to be included in the Educational Summaries Book. This must be sent on time to the Local Organising Committee several months before the Congress.

When the moment comes:

  • Be in the lecture had at least 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the initiation of your session and make sure that the Chairman is aware of your presence.

  • Make sure that you know how to use the microphone, light pointer and projector.

  • If you are using slides make sure that they are in good order and correctly orientated.

  • If you are using overhead transparencies, make sure that there is a good overhead projector. Check that it is working properly and is correctly focused. Know how to manage it together with the transparencies.



  • It is advisable that you get in contact with the lecturers in your session in advance of the Congress so that you can properly introduce them to the audience.

  • Write or fax each lecturer at least 2 months before the Congress and request the following:

1. Biographical information on yourself:

eg. Name, title, position(s) held, city, areas of interest.

2. An outline of your presentation

(abstract or summary of your paper, or paper copies of your slides)

(This information should be in English and clearly typed).

  • It is also advisable that you plan in advance the amount of time allowed for:

A. Introduction

B. Presentation

C. Questions

  • Because of the multi-track nature of an ESPEN Congress, the running of sessions in accordance with the published time-table is very important.

When the moment comes:

  • Be in the lecture hall at least 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the initiation of your session.

  • Make sure that you know how to use the microphone, fight pointer and projector.

  • You are fully responsible for opening the session, introducing each speaker to the audience, ensuring proper time distribution, stimulating discussion, keeping good order!, and closing the session.

  • You should prepare some questions or comments to stimulate discussion in case there are none from the audience.

  • In any case, your introductions, questions and comments should be short, so that time is not taken away from lecturers or the audience.