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Nutrition in Surgery


Nutrition in Surgery


Mattias SOOP, MD, PhD

Department of IBD and Intestinal Failure Surgery

Karolinska University Hospital

SE 177 76 Stockholm, Sweden

Email:  mattias.soop@ki.se

Phone: +46735430462


Professor em, Olle LJUNGQVIST, MD, PhD

Örebro University. Örebro,& Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Email:  olle.ljungqvist@me.com

Phone: +46708483540



Assistant Professor, Mihailo BEZMAREVIC, MD, PhD

Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, 

Clinic for General Surgery

Military Medical Academy

17 Crnotravska Street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Email:  bezmarevicm@gmail.com

Phone: +381641994288

Members of SIG:

Professor Luca GIANOTTI, MD, PhD

School of Medicine and Surgery,

Milano - Bicocca University

San Gerardo Hospital

Via Pergolesi 33, 20900 Monza, Italy

Email:  luca.gianotti@unimib.it

Phone: +393482304497

Professor Arved WEIMANN, MD, PhD

Department of General, Visceral and Oncological Surgery

St. George Hospital

Delitzscher Straße 141, 04129 Leipzig, Germany

Email:  arved.Weimann@sanktgeorg.de

Phone: +491725143511

Professor Stanislaw KLEK, MD, PhD
Surgical Oncology Unit
The Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology
11 Garncarska Street, 31-115 Krakow, Poland
Email:  klek@poczta.onet.pl,  st.klek@gmail.com

Phone: +48604293566

Professor Dileep LOBO, MD, PhD

Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery

University of Nottingham 

Email:  Dileep.Lobo@nottingham.ac.uk

Phone: +447545966471

Assistant Professor Marcin FOLWARSKI, MD, PhD

Division of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 

Medical University of Gdańsk

Home Nutrition Unit- Copernicus Hospital Gdańsk, 


Email:  marcinfol@gmail.com

Phone: +48691598886

Dr. Maria WOBITH, MD

Department of General, Visceral and Oncological Surgery

St. George Hospital

Delitzscher Straße 141, 04129 Leipzig, Germany

Email: maria.wobith@sanktgeorg.de

Field of interest: Nutrition in surgery and perioperative care



To participate in the ongoing education of professionals in these topics.

To provide up-to-date recommendations and guidelines in this field.

To attract surgeons and intensivists to ESPEN

To support clinical and epidemiological studies in the field.

Perspectives and actions:

Nearly 20 years ago, several members of ESPEN formed the SIG in perioperative nutrition, which later developed into the perioperative care SIG focusing on ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery). During the last few years, activity has decreased, coinciding with the development of other, specialised societies in the ERAS field. Anecdotally, attendance at ESPEN by surgeons has decreased.

During the recent 45th ESPEN Congress in Lyon, a renewed interest in nutrition in surgery was evident. It was also proposed that a „surgical“ SIG would form a forum within ESPEN for surgical traineees and specialists, highly valuable to grow the surgical contrinutions to ESPEN.

The goals of the proposed SIG are described above. Concrete actions proposed include:

  • Expert members of the SIG will update relevant ESPEN clincial recommendation and guidelines
  • The SIG will take responsibility for updating surgical LLL programmes, including a chapter on surgical oncology.
  • The SIG will support the SciCom and the EduCom in developing the ESPEN Congress programme, to ensure high-quality and current surgical content.

Composition of the group:

The core group will be 9 above mentioned ESPEN members. In addition the SIG will welcome as member any ESPEN member with an interest in nutrition in surgery

Meetings of the AIF group:

The group convenes for at least one meeting every year. This meeting in person will take place during ESPEN Congress. ESPEN will be asked to provide a suitable meeting room for the group. The group will organize an online meetings depending on the needs.


Membership criteria: 

Members of the SIG Surgery is open for members of ESPEN.


Financial and other support:

The group will not ask ESPEN for provision the financial support. This question will be revisited as project may need financial support.




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