Integrate Medical Nutrition as essential part of global care to improve outcome

The espenwaytohealth video campaign has been launched during the ESPEN Congress in Copenhagen in September 2016.

Four different patient stories show how medical nutrition is an essential part of global care to improve outcome.

·       Story 1-Julie, 50, had a previous cancer

·       Story 2-Peter, 14, is suffering from cystic fibrosis and is using a feeding tube

·       Story 3-John, 42, lawyer, lost most of his bowel due to a chronic disease

·       Story 4-Judith, 75, has been in a hospital bed for a long time as a result of a serious hip fracture


All of them lead a good quality professional and social life, with no compromises, thanks to Medical Nutrition. 

The campaign shows the benefits of Medical Nutrition in different clinical situations.

The suggested message for Institutions is to integrate Medical Nutrition into global care for patients.

ESPEN way to health ESPEN way to health ESPEN way to health