Cuthbertson Lecture

2022 Vienna
L. Van Loon (NL)
Dietary protein and muscle conditioning

2021 Virtual
A.G. Hernandez (E)
Childhood Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk: What Factors Do Really Matter?

2020 Virtual
L. Tappy (CH)
Metabolism of sugars: A window to the regulation of glucose and lipid homeostasis by splanchnic organs

2019 Krakow
N. Delzenne (BE)
Dealing with the GUT microbiota: a new challenge in nutrition and health

2018 Madrid
E. Volpi (USA)
Protein for functional recovery in older adults: from the bench to the bedside

2017 The Hague
R. Wolfe (USA)
Amino acids and the regulation of protein metabolism

2016 Copenhagen
G. Van den Berghe (BE)
Interfering with metabolism during critical illness : from acute to longterm conseqences

2015 Lisbon
J. Argiles (ES)
Inflammation as the driving force of muscle wasting in cancer

2014 Geneva
V. Baracos (CA)
Skeletal muscle in clinical nutrition and metabolism

2013 Leipzig
P. Dechelotte (FR)
Nutrition and the Gut-Brain axis

2012 Barcelona
Y. Boirie (FR)
How nutrients speak to muscle

2011 Gothenburg
G. Biolo (IT)
Anabolic resistance: a road-map to malnutrition

2010 Nice
K.S. Nair (USA)
New and old proteins: clinical implications

2009 Vienna
L. Cynober (FR)
Citrulline: a new major signaling molecule or just another player in the pharmaconutrition game?

2008 Florence
P.C. Calder (UK)
Fatty acids and inflammation--from the membrane to the nucleus and from the laboratory bench to the clinic.

2007 Prague
N.E.P. Deutz (USA)
Amino acids between and within organs

2006 Istanbul
E. Roth (AT)
Immune and cell modulation by amino acids

2005 Brussels
A. Shenkin (UK)
The key roles of micronutrients

2004 Lisbon
H. Sauerwein (NL)
Optimal protein: is optimal optimal or is optimal better?

2003 Cannes
A. Ciechanover (IL)
The ubiquitin proteolytic system from the test tube through pathogenesis of human diseases and into drug development

2002 Glasgow
E.J. Steele
Food Darwin and Lamarque - the journey from generation to generation

2001 Munich
H. Sies
Oxidative stress and antioxidants: implication at the bed-side

2000 Madrid
R. Grimble
Stress protein in disease

1999 Stockholm
M. Elia
Hunger disease

1998 Nice
X. Leverve
Nutritional consequences of chronic hypoxia

1997 Amsterdam
K.N. Frayn
Integration of substrate flow in vivo: some insights into metabolic control

1996 Geneva
J.H. Cummings
The role of intestinal bacteria in nutrient metabolism

1995 Rome
J.E. Blundell
Integrative psychology of feeding behaviour in health and disease

1994 Birmingham
G. Hill
Impact of nutritional support on the clinical outcome of the surgical patient

1993 Budapest
N.N. Abumrad
The pain of metabolism

1992 Vienna
S. Moncada
Relevance of L-arginine nitric oxide pathway in nutrition and disease

1991 Antwerp
K.J. Tracey
Nutrition and cytokines

1990 Athens
J. Fischer
A teleologic view of sepsis

1989 Helsinki
J. Wesley Alexander
Nutrition in sepsis

1988 Leipzig
A.E. Harper
Dispensible and indispensable amino acid inter-relationships

1987 Barcelona
D.H. Elwin
The unique role of glucose in artificial nutrition: Impacts of malnutrition and injury

1986 Paris
E. Jequier
Influence of nutrient administration on energy expenditure in man

1985 Munich
D.W. Wilmore
Are the metabolic alterations associated with critical illness related to hormonal environment?

1984 Milan
F.D. Moore
Alterations in body composition in acute and chronic disease

1983 Brussels
G.F. Cahill
Insulin resistance in critically ill patients

1982 Vienna
C. Ricour
Childhood malnutrition risk factors

1980 Newcastle
W.P.T. James
Protein and energy metabolism after trauma: old concepts and new developments

1979 Stockholm
J.M. Kinney
Energy flow - A vital theme in injury and infection