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Pearls of Knowledge

In ESPEN we think that we are living in a rapidly evolving society, in which information spreads quickly through electronic and virtual highways. The same applies to education, and the ability to quickly reach people leaving in every corner of the planet can make the difference in changing attitudes and practices. However, messages should be concise yet informative and complete, and video messages appear to best fit the needs of our society. In its continuous efforts to educate health professionals, patients and lay people on the importance of clinical nutrition and of good nutrition practice, ESPEN is launching this educational activity, called "Pearls of knowledge". Pearls of Knowledge are short cuts providing a general overview of clinical and research topics or promoting ESPEN activities, which are intended for health professionals but also to any other interested in the field of Clinical Nutrition.

You can find many interesting topics in this EVL, which will be soon enriched with more videos and longer versions. We truly hope you will like this initiative and we are excited to get your feedback.

Please watch our 2018 Pearls of Knowledge on our ESPEN YouTube channel here

Please watch our 2015 Pearls of Knowledge on our ESPEN YouTube channel here

Please watch our 2013 Pearls of Knowledge on our ESPEN YouTube channel here