ESPEN Awards

Best Abstracts, Travel Awards, Outstanding Posters and Clinical Nutrition Symposium


▷▷The 3 Best Abstracts are selected by the Abstracts Referees and the Scientific Committees

▷▷They are presented in a Plenary session

▷▷They are indicated on the ESPEN website

▷▷Diplomas are given during the “ESPEN Best Abstracts 2014” Session


▷▷When an abstract is being submitted (exclusively while submitting on-line), a special dedicated box must be ticked to apply to the Travel Awards (only for those submitters filling the criteria)

▷▷The selected 40 Travel Awards are given to young investigators under the age of 35 (one per country) for their best first presented abstract. They will be granted EURO 500 each, awarded according to a mix of quality of the abstract, score, acceptation (oral / poster), and of the Congresses’ theme, not only on the ranking

▷▷The young investigator must come in person to get his/her grant (at the speakers’ desk, from 14:00 on Sunday 7 September 2014) after the Sir David Cuthbertson Lecture. No payment will be made before or after the Congress

▷▷Deadline for application is 4 April 2014


▷▷The best 10% posters will be marked as being «Outstanding Posters», according to the abstract score

▷▷They will be indicated in the abstracts Book (by an asterisk)

▷▷A special mention will be placed on the given posters number signage onsite


▷▷Upon invitation only

▷▷Original papers that contributed most to the impact factor of Clinical Nutrition 2013

▷▷They are presented in a special symposium (indicated in the final programme)

▷▷They are indicated on the ESPEN website