ESPEN Journals - Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am an ESPEN member and I am not receiving the printed version of Clinical Nutrition at home/work. Why is that?

Every two months, Elsevier gets access to the list of ESPEN members along with their postal addresses and updates the list of recipients. If you still haven’t received an issue after 3 months, Login to your ESPEN member account  to check that you are listed as a current ESPEN member and that your address is correct.

If you are a blockmember (you paid your ESPEN contribution to your national PEN society), we won’t know you’re a new member (or that you have renewed your membership) until your national PEN society has transferred your ESPEN registration to us. If you are an ESPEN blockmember but we fail to receive your renewal information before January 31st, your membership will be cancelled until we have received your contribution from your national society. Please contact your national society (ideally the treasurer) to inquire.


2) I have moved. How can I give Elsevier my new address?

Just give it to ESPEN through your on-line profile and Login, and inform membership@espen.org about the change.


3) I plan on joining ESPEN. When will my subscription to Clinical Nutrition start?

The membership year starts in January 1st and ends on December 31st. Your subscription year will match your ESPEN membership year.


4) I am receiving Clinical Nutrition at home/work, but not e-SPEN. Why is that?

e-SPEN is an electronic-only journal, which means that you won’t receive a printed issue. However, you can print articles in pdf format at home or at work and enjoy the same quality as with Clinical Nutrition.


5) Why are some articles from Clinical Nutrition and e-SPEN available to all on espen.org and not others?

ESPEN Guidelines have a joint ESPEN-Elsevier copyright and ESPEN has decided to allow free download of these files for everybody.


6) I am an ESPEN member. How do I get online access to Clinical Nutrition and e-SPEN?

This is an easy process! Also in visualized form to be printed

STEP 1. Login with your ESPEN member credentials in the secure Members zone of the ESPEN website (http://www.espen.org/members/member-account). 
You need to enter your espen.org username and password. If you have forgotten one or both, don’t worry and click on the “Forgotten password” button.

STEP 2. Once logged in, click on the “Journals” tab

STEP 3. Choose the journal that you want to access (your browser must be set to allow pop-ups, at least temporarily). You will then be redirected to the relevant journal’s site.

Info: Login into the Member section on ESPEN.org with your ESPEN Username/E-mail address and password this will generate an invisible token that gives you full text access to the linked Elsevier page. If you go later to this or any Elsevier page without being first recognized on espen.org, you will not be granted full text access.


7) When I access the full text contents of Clinical Nutrition and e-SPEN through the espen.org members’ section, I am being asked to log in using a user‘s name and password. What’s the point as I already have access to the full text contents?

There is no need for you to log in, but you may find it helpful if you want to use the personalization features (receive alerts, save your searches etc).


8) I would like to submit an article for publication in the ESPEN Journals. Can I do so from espen.org?

Elsevier’s author/reviewer system uses a distinct database that covers all of its journals. Therefore, you need to create a distinct username/password to log in. You will also find detailed author instructions on this Elsevier submission site in the Guide for Authors.