Oral Nutritional Supplements to Tackle Malnutrition

A summary of the evidence base





Malnutrition, specifically under-nutrition which is typically associated with disease,continues to impair the lives of thousands of people around the globe.  In response to this issue, the Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) has compiled a dossier and summary booklet giving the latest information relating to malnutrition, and the positive role that Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) can play in the fight against it. 


ESPENhas identified malnutrition to be one of the major chronic health concerns for a high number of patients in various settings. Thus emphasis is put on all initiatives resulting in improved nutritional care for those who are in need of it. We acknowledge the efforts of MNI in compiling this comprehensive and up to date document and encourage its use by all healthcare professionals and other stakeholders interested in learning more about malnutrition and routes to tackling it. 


To access the dossier, summary booklet and slide kit, please click here and read more about the latest facts on the prevalence, causes and consequences of malnutrition, its economic implications and a collation of guidelines and good practice in the fight against malnutrition. 


Access the dossier here: http://www.medicalnutritionindustry.com/mni-publications/